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TRG15                                                                   Holden 48-215 "Golden Holden"
Released November 1948A presentation model of the original "FX" Holden commissioned by General Motors - Holden's Automotive Ltd to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the release of this pioneer design in November 1948.
TRG15. Holden 48-215 "Golden Holden". Trax. Made in China. 50th Anniversary. This "Golden Holden" was specially commissioned by General Motors - Holden's Automotive Ltd to commemorate the fiftieth Anniversary of the launch of the first Holden. This model, the 48-215, later known as the FX, was released in November 1948 and became the foundation for a dynamic Australian motor industry. The Original. Trax. Gold Plated Commemorative Model. 50th Anniversary. General Motors Holden Automotive Ltd. Trax. 50 Anniversary Edition. Top Gear Pty Ltd.

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